Thanks for joining us at IBC 2015!

Thanks to everyone who visited Streamroot at the IBC last week. We enjoyed speaking with you about your vision of the online video industry and the challenges you face in bringing quality content to every device. Thanks to the many broadcasters, OTT solutions providers, systems integrators and video specialists who made our time in Amsterdam a great success. A special thanks to Canal+ Group for their help in creating a joint demo in their new HTML5 player! Streamroot is happy to be plug-and-play with the RxPlayer, which Canal open-sourced this summer.

live streaming demo canal+ streamroot RxPlayer
Live streaming demo in partnership with Canal+, showcased at IBC 2015.

Here are some of our highlights and takeaways from this year’s show:

Trend towards HTML5 video

Flash’s days are numbered, and more and more broadcasters are aware that the transition to HTML5 begins now. MPEG-DASH is gaining ground, while the advent of an open-source HLS.js player was an exciting and intriguing prospect (if you haven’t heard the news, Dailymotion just released it). The wheels are in motion towards native streaming in the browser, and we are happy to see this trend continue.

Streamroot has unique expertise in HTML5 video technologies and has advised some of Europe’s largest broadcasters developing their own video players. If you need assistance in building an HTML5 player, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Tell us about your future HTML5 video player!

Peer-accelerated streaming making waves

As challenges to video delivery grow, hybrid solutions are getting more and more attention. Peer-accelerated streaming has gained recognition in the industry as a promising solution, alongside other alternative delivery techniques such as multicast and content pre-caching. Our partners such as Wowza and Unified Streaming affirmed their interest in offering their customers the reliable, scalable alternatives they are looking for.  

To see why the industry can’t stop talking about peer-to-peer, try our technology for free for 30 days!

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 Streamroot at IBC 2015

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