Nikolay rodionov, COO of streamroot

Streamroot wins the 17th annual iLab competition

Yesterday, Streamroot was recognized in France’s largest public competition to support innovative technology projects. We were one of several dozen companies to be awarded significant public funding to support the development of our technology.

The 17th annual iLab competition will help support France’s most promising young tech projects. It offers a grant of up to 450,000 euros per company from the public investment fund BPI France, as well as adapted support for developing and managing innovation.

A special thanks to the jury and to Thierry Mandon, Minister of Higher Education and Research, for taking the time to speak with us at the awards ceremony at the Ministry of Education. And thanks to the jury for ensuring Streamroot’s continued success in offering state-of-the-art video delivery technology!

Winner of the iLab
President of the July speaking at the awards ceremony, 1 July 2015
Thierry Mandon, Ministry of Education, 1 July 2015
Minister of Higher Education and Research Thierry Mandon congratulates the winners

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