Streamroot simplifies SSAI handling in latest feature release

Server-side ad insertion has become an integral part of many broadcasters’ monetization strategies. We have described how SSAI works in general before and have long ensured compatibility with this popular addition to content provider workflows. 

Today, however, we are thrilled to announce that in its latest release Streamroot has greatly simplified the way it handles SSAI. Streamroot’s new generic adaptation mechanism for SSAI makes it possible for us to support the vast majority of SSAI providers and their different implementations through a simple – and universally applicable – system. 

Put simply, we are now able to analyze an SSAI manifest, identify its attributes and dynamically adapt our behavior to a given stream. This happens by injecting a set of rules under a new property field, which allows our parsers to extract the information they need to correctly categorize the video segments and handle the stream.

For customers using SSAI alongside Streamroot mesh delivery, this means a much simpler deployment: no need for us to send new builds or custom implementations. The behavior of the mechanism is defined by a simple configuration object that can be updated and pushed to every device in just a few minutes, without needing to update your Streamroot plugin. 

This generic SSAI mechanism is now available for HLS streams across platforms. DASH is coming soon. Not using Streamroot mesh delivery yet? Sign up with us below and try it out on your video platform today!

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