Streamroot reveals an eCDN solution empowering companies to stream high-quality video across global enterprise networks

Streamroot, the provider of the world’s most advanced distributed delivery solution for OTT video, today introduced an adaptive peer-to-peer eCDN for high-quality streaming within corporate networks.

As video reigns king of content, a growing number of internal communications professionals are choosing this captivating medium to build company culture and reinforce employee engagement and retention rates. Whether live company all-hands assemblies, town halls or on-demand training sessions, video allows global businesses to reach employees everywhere. Delivering high-quality video across sites and geographies, however, is an immense challenge. Corporate bandwidth capacity is limited and critically under-dimensioned for thousands of concurrent video sessions. Increasing capacity requires hefty capital expenditure in caching hardware and external bandwidth allocation, as well as operating costs for setup and ongoing maintenance.

Again and again we see companies struggle to harness video in their internal communications and miss out on opportunities to use this powerful medium to engage their employees,” says Pierre-Louis Theron, Streamroot Co-founder and CEO. “We quickly realized the potential of our software-based peer-accelerated streaming solution to bring a unique answer to this underserved market. We built from our core technology for broadcast media and honed it to the complexities and configurations of the enterprise network. I am thrilled to announce Streamroot as the eCDN for the future of corporate communications,” he adds.

Streamroot’s eCDN eliminates the need to invest in costly bandwidth, hardware or labor, while offering the TV-like video experience employees have grown accustomed to. Streamroot intelligently multi-sources video delivery from both the streaming server and a mesh network of devices watching the same stream, dynamically adapting delivery to every network topology and to the computing power of each workstation. The solution significantly reduces any load on the company’s valuable WAN infrastructure and instead uses idle LAN bandwidth to effectively distribute the stream among employees at the same site. It requires no plugin or software installation on employee computers and no additional hardware of any kind, for a seamless video experience. Best of all, targeted on-site delivery allows for better quality – better resolutions and less buffering – for more compelling video communications that produce a higher return on investment.

We’re thrilled to be able to provide global businesses with scale they need to stream video and engage employees across the world,” says Theron. “Streamroot’s eCDN is already used by several international groups, where it proves to greatly increase video quality while providing flexible scale at a fraction of the cost.”

Livestream, a Vimeo company, is a longstanding Streamroot technology partner. Mark Kornfilt, CTO of Vimeo and co-founder of Livestream, shared, “As the leading live video service, one of our goals is to provide businesses and organizations with a powerful solution for connecting with their employees in real-time. We are continually impressed by Streamroot’s technical prowess and believe that their peer-to-peer eCDN — in combination with the Livestream platform — is a valuable asset to organizations looking for high-quality, reliable, enterprise-grade live streaming experiences.”

For more information and to request a demo of our eCDN, visit and our FAQ page.

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