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Streamroot’s New Dashboard: A Whole New User Experience with Smarter Insights and Unprecedented Control

At Streamroot, a lot of our focus goes into the behind the scenes of our mesh network technology to improve the efficiency of Streamroot DNA™. This means that much of our technology is invisible to our customers; so, having a dashboard is crucial in order to visualize how Streamroot DNA™ is working. This was the primary idea in mind when the dashboard was first implemented. Over the years, however, we’ve added new functionality to provide you with more control and flexibility in implementing Streamroot DNA™. With all these new additions, we decided to revamp our dashboard into one that inspires a logical and efficient workflow while maintaining scalability, with user experience at the forefront. Continue reading for an in-depth tour of the new dashboard, where we’ll highlight the major changes and updates.

Why build a new dashboard?

We decided to recreate our dashboard for three main reasons:

  • Provide a better customer experience, usability philosophy, and insights;
  • Make room for our expanding range of products, including our recently launched multi-CDN load balancer, Compass;
  • Provide user interface access to new features and configuration options, for improved granular control.
Old dashboard

In taking a holistic look at the state of our dashboard, we wanted to ensure that the new design would improve the productivity of our customers while also making sure that they had all the information needed to make informed business decisions. With the amount of data displayed in the dashboard, we had to do this in a way that was easy to navigate and clear for all users regardless of their level of technical expertise. The new dashboard also had to be familiar enough for users who were used to the old experience. And if that weren’t enough, this all had to be scalable to make room for new products and features. Encompassing all of these requirements proved to be quite a challenge. However, our talented team rose to the task to produce a customer-centric dashboard that hits all these targets.

What’s changed?

In addition to improving our analytics section, Insights, we’ve significantly upgraded the viewing experience of our graphs and streamlined navigation within the dashboard.


The Insights section is one of the updates that we’re most excited to announce as we’ve given it a complete overhaul. We’ve reorganized the metrics and dimensions to provide more advanced and detailed analytics. For example, you can search for the quantity of video data downloaded and uploaded via the peer-to-peer network for viewers in the United States watching on Android. Below are the searchable dimensions that are now available for Insights:

Time – Filters by day, month and year ;
Content – Filters by specific streams to compare how they perform against each other.
Live/VoD – Finds live streams or VoD streams;
Country – Shows the country you would like to see when searching for results;
Platform – Displays the platform your viewers are watching your streams from (web, Android, iOS);
ISP – Identifies the internet service providers used in delivering your streams;

With these dimensions, you can today analyse the following metrics:

Quantity of DNA downloaded – The total video traffic measured in MB or GB that is downloaded through the peer-to-peer network;
Quantity of DNA uploaded – The total video traffic measured in MB or GB that is uploaded through the peer-to-peer network;
Quantity of CDN – The total video traffic measured in MB or GB that is downloaded through CDN. Only viewers with Streamroot DNA™ activated and using compatible devices/browsers are taken into account;
Concurrent Viewers – Number of active viewers connected to Streamroot DNA™;
Rebuffering Ratio – The average rebuffering ratio of your audience over time.

With upcoming additional metrics that you can look forward to:

Average bitrate – Average bitrate that your viewers are watching (Kbps).
Average Session duration – Average length of a video session (in seconds);
Failed range requests – Number of failed range requests to your CDN;
Sessions with unknown property – Sessions where Streamroot was initialized with a property name that is not in your Streamroot dashboard;
Stream Latency – The time difference between live edge and playback position of your viewers.

Metrics and dimensions can be combined and presented in a way that works best for you to comprehend the data and traffic patterns. You can now display results as key figures, tables, or a time series graph, to help you measure the quality of your video delivery.

Streamroot dashboard insights


We decided to keep the real-time monitoring functionality the same, as it serves as an important and quick way to collectively view your streams’ statistics, as well as monitor your top 100 streams individually. As a current user of the dashboard, the biggest change you’ll find is that the Traffic and QoS tabs have been combined, and all graphs can now be conveniently found in the Activity Summary page. Here, you’ll find all the graphs and key figures as well as the ability to filter by content type (Live or VoD), platform and stream. Moving all of this data into one section gives you the ease of analyzing your data in a more efficient way.

Streamroot dashboard activity summary


While we’ve kept the navigation generally the same, we’ve allowed for better scalability in the navigation bar with the ability to switch between our products: Streamroot DNA, DNA Enterprise and Compass. Our DNA products and Compass have completely separate properties, so having this setup will allow you to distinguish between them whether you have both products or not.

Streamroot dashboard navigation


Keeping table style view of reports, we chose to extend this design to the Properties section, where you can customize traffic-related parameters according to your business logic. You’ll find that the Properties no longer appear as cards but are listed in a table. We’ve also deconstructed the settings tab from the old dashboard and gave the Properties section and the License & Security section their own home for convenience.

Streamroot dashboard properties

What’s been added?

In addition to reworking the user interface, we’ve also added some features that until now were only accessible via our API. For Streamroot DNA, a new property parameter has been added for Server Side Ad Insertion. Subnet matching is also available through the dashboard for DNA Enterprise customers. Additionally, our new midstream client-side multi-CDN switcher, Compass, is now accessible.

What’s next?

We’ll continue to improve the dashboard and other features to optimize the customer-centric and intuitivity goal we set at the beginning of this project. If you would like early access to the new dashboard, please contact our support team. Otherwise, we’ll be unveiling it for all customers prior to NAB.

Not a Streamroot customer yet? Fill in the form below to request your free trial today. We’ll get you set up in no time to enjoy all of our brand new features and user experience.

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