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Streamroot goes multi-device with mobile SDKs!

We demoed it at NAB, have been hinting for months, and today are happy to announce that our mobile SDKs (Android and iOS) are out!

We are thrilled to offer support of Streamroot CDN Mesh Delivery (formerly Streamroot DNA) Distributed Network Architecture for iOS, Android and Chromecast alongside our longstanding compatibility with the most popular HTML5 web players on the market. Streamroot is committed to offering high-quality and cost-effective delivery across your entire OTT platform and this brings us one big step closer to universal compatibility.

Flawless quality, global reach, fixed cost: now on mobile!

So how does it work? Streamroot CDN Mesh Delivery sources content segments from both a CDN and a mesh network of viewers, intelligently determining the fastest and most efficient way to get your video to users depending on their bitrate, device, geographic location, etc. The result is a more flexible delivery solution that scales naturally to your audience and slashes CDN bandwidth expenses!

On web, Streamroot’s distributed delivery solution can be seamlessly integrated via a couple lines of code into HTML5 players like hls.js, dash.js, videojs, JW Player, Brightcove and more. We have also released mobile SDKs (Android and iOS) for video apps. Full details about how to integrate the solution into your app can be found in our documentation in your portal. In our documentation, you’ll also notice that Streamroot can be used in conjunction with Chromecast as well!

Portal updates: Devices

To better understand your video traffic and bandwidth savings achieved, Streamroot users can sort and filter their traffic by streams, countries and ISPs directly within the portal. With the arrival of new user platforms, we have included a new “Devices” tab in your Insights section to see the breakdown of your traffic per user device as well:

devices section

Still not convinced? See it in real time with our Showcase App

Still skeptical? Check out our website demo on your laptop:

Ready to try it out? Drop us a line at or request a trial on our website to see how Streamroot can help your OTT platform scale to expanding audiences and grow profitably!

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