Streamroot’s June Feature Release!

We’ve been busy over the last couple months to make Streamroot better than ever. This latest release offers greater flexibility for visualizing your traffic, with a custom reports feature and a new data API for integrating your audience, use and bandwidth metrics into your own dashboard. June’s release also contains our new delivery map feature, and a brand new plug-and-play integration into the popular open-source Clappr player.

Go to your dashboard to enjoy these new features!

Custom Reports

Custom Reports
With our reports feature, broadcasters can hone in on certain metrics or get a broad overview of their traffic over time by choosing the format, content and frequency of the report and which members of the team should receive the information.

Data API

Data API
Streamroot’s new Data API allows broadcasters to expose their data securely to build custom dashboards and integrate the relevant data into their workflow. Data is available as a time series for graphing, aggregates and listings, and the parameters can be tested in our documentation.

Delivery Map (Beta)


The map offers a visual look at where broadcasters’ audiences are located and which areas have the most effective connections between devices. Zoom out to see country averages or zoom in to get information on how a specific user is contributing to the delivery network. (It’s super cool!)

Streamroot Supports Clappr!


Extended compatibility! Streamroot has just integrated Clappr, a popular open-source media player. Clappr joins hls.js, dash.js, video.js and other video popular players that now benefit from Streamroot’s client-accelerated technology. For more info, see our documentation.

Stay tuned for more feature updates to come!

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