Streamroot’s First Weeklong Team Offsite!

In early October, Streamroot held its first weeklong company offsite. After the hard work and sometimes long hours the team put in over the last year – especially leading up to our recent funding and IBC Show – we decided to take some time together to regroup and reflect on where we have been and where we are going.

Team-building trips have become a tradition at Streamroot, and we try to all get away together at least twice a year: once for our traditional Hackathon in the Fall, and once for our winter ski trip in the Alps.

This year, our team has grown a lot (from 15 to 25 in the last few months!) and is becoming more geographically dispersed, so it was important to bring everyone together to get to know every teammate and live out our common vision. And this is why we were thrilled to have the entire team present!

We spent 7 days in an amazing villa in Lagos, Portugal (kudos to Marion for finding the BEST place in town). This was the perfect occasion for the team to work together on some important subjects such as our company culture and values, organise our traditional 48-hour hackathon, and of course, spend some quality time together during cultural and athletic activities.

Highlights included:


At our annual hackathon, we put our heads together on a series of projects with a high potential for Streamroot: internal tooling, extensions for our iOS and Android SDKs, new device integrations, new product prototypes and more! The winning team was awarded a parasailing trip in the lagoon, and some projects went straight into production!


Hackathon 1

Hackathon presentation





After three days of projects and workshops, we got the time to unwind and explore the region. We took to the seas for a kayaking adventure (which was interpreted by some as “how to capsize as many boats as possible”…), where we were able to get a real glimpse of the beautiful coastline around Lagos and Sagres. We also got a chance to hike the cliffs and take a stop at the Southwestern-most tip of Europe.

Cliffs Sagres Cliffs Lagos




Of course it wouldn’t be a teambuilding trip without some fun, food and games. Highlights included Beach Olympics with volleyball, water balloons and prisonball; amazing dinners cooked by different members of team, with a special hats off to the huge BBQ and its copious amounts of grilled meat; and of course, a healthy dose of Sagres, vino verde, and of course our favorite gin by the pool and in the hot tub!

A huge thanks to the entire team for making this trip such a success! We’re lucky to have such an awesome group that gave 200% to everything we did – from the hackathon to your ideas during our company culture workshops, to your endless jokes and laughter. We’re already looking forward to our next adventure. 🙂

…And guess what? We’re hiring! If this kind of offsite and team atmosphere sounds like something you’d enjoy, and if you’d like to work on the difficult but exhilarating challenge of making the video delivery scalable and decentralized once and for all, dont hesitate to get in touch via our careers page!

Streamroot team offsite

Streamroot offsite night

Streamroot horseback riding

Beach volleyball

Streamroot team offsite

Streamroot team offsite

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