Streamroot DNA 2.0

Streamroot DNA™ 2.0: next gen flexibility & control, now easier & faster than ever

Compatible with the most extensive range of devices and players on the market, Streamroot’s Distributed Network Architecture provides the largest peer-to-peer delivery network available today. Our patented technology allows you to exponentially increase your video delivery capacity and scale profitably while improving QoS.  Following great results achieved in beta-testing, we’re happy to finally reveal Streamroot DNA™ 2.0: the most powerful, advanced, and robust peer-enhanced OTT delivery technology, to empower your video delivery and boost your global reach.

Streamroot DNA™ 2.0 introduces easier, faster configuration and new exciting features including Properties, QoS stats and faster custom integrations. Here’s a review of this latest release:

Real-Time Control, Unified all-platform configuration

With Streamroot DNA™2.0, configuration has never been easier. Gone are the days of maintaining different configurations for each platform and player. You can now configure Streamroot DNA™ 2.0 once for all platforms – straight from your dashboard – and without making changes to your SDK or player code. In addition, your settings only take 10 seconds to come into effect. No need to deploy new versions and wait for users to update their apps  – your configuration changes come into force within seconds, allowing you to achieve the desired effect over traffic immediately.  

Streamroot is proud to present: Properties

The Properties feature is part of our ongoing effort to take flexibility and control to the next level. By creating properties, you can apply custom parameters to a specific part of your traffic, according to your business case needs. Want to go 100% peer-to-peer on live sports events, but prefer to disable it for the least popular VoD content? You got it. For now, basic parameters are available for each property, however there’s plenty more to come in the next few months so stay tuned. For more information on how to set up Properties, see Properties documentation.

QoS Stats now available on your Streamroot Portal

Our new QoS tab brings additional insight into your traffic. Here, you can monitor buffering ratio, concurrent viewers and DNA efficiency over time, and we’re just getting started. Watch out for additional metrics on this tab soon.

Customized player and device integrations are simpler than ever

Thanks to improvements in our design, custom player integration is now easier and faster than ever: whatever solution you use – we cut integration time by half, and can now provide a made-to-order version in a matter of days.

How to benefit from DNA 2.0?

To learn how you can easily upgrade to DNA 2.0, see our DNA 2.0 documentation.

Require further assistance? Let us know, our technical team would love to guide you through the update.

Not using Streamroot yet? Request a Trial today to start boosting your video delivery capacity with DNA 2.0.

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