Streamroot and Anevia - a powerful combination

Streamroot & Anevia: a powerful in-house CDN and distributed OTT delivery combination

For years, online video providers struggled with the eternal question: how to streamline costs while offering the highest video quality. With bigger audiences, increasing usage, and a growing appetite for immersive content, the importance of finding the right answer has only grown. From ingest to playback, there are a number of ways broadcasters can tackle the challenge of ensuring high quality at a reasonable cost.

A growing number of content providers are choosing to internalize a portion of their delivery once given to third-party CDN providers. If you have ever considered this option or another form of hybrid delivery, read on.

Combining Streamroot and Anevia enables broadcasters to tackle the bandwidth crunch and the mounting cost of delivery at multiple levels of the video workflow. When used together, Streamroot and Anevia offer the flexibility, control and cost-effectiveness of both an in-house CDN and a distributed delivery infrastructure.

At the CDN and head-end level, Anevia offers broadcasters and operators increased control and flexibility. Its comprehensive video CDN and on-the-fly packaging solution allows them to be less reliant on external delivery services. It enables content providers to reduce storage and bandwidth costs by using network resources more efficiently; it can also be deployed at the edge of the CDN to both reduce bandwidth requirements and improve quality by bringing the caching closer to the viewers.

Anevia’s CDN supports any adaptive streaming format, and can be built on a dedicated Anevia appliance, or implemented as an elastic Cloud infrastructure to temporarily scale up when needed. This can prove extremely beneficial during popular events like the FIFA World Cup or season premiers. On managed mobile and IPTV networks, Anevia uses Multicast ABR technology to ensure these live streams can be played back immediately and by an unlimited number of viewers, at the same time.

This is where Streamroot steps in. Our Distributed Network Architecture – Streamroot CDN Mesh Delivery (formely known as Streamroot DNA) –  increases broadcasters’ delivery capacity, regardless of CDN bandwidth, providing an additional layer of delivery intelligence. Bringing the “edge” even closer to the viewer, Streamroot creates a mesh network of devices and dynamically directs segment requests to the best source available – whether it be a server or another viewer device.

This has multiple benefits for the broadcaster. As it dynamically chooses the most efficient source on a segment-by-segment basis, Streamroot promotes more consistent quality and higher bitrates for users. Taking advantage of resources at the last mile, Streamroot promotes further bandwidth savings by reducing up to 80% the data leaving edge servers. By connecting devices viewing the same streams at the same time, Streamroot provides significant additional capacity and a flexible architecture. This allows broadcasters’ delivery capacity to grow naturally to audiences of any size, eliminating the need for any external CDN provisioning during traffic spikes.

In a nutshell, combined together, Streamroot and Anevia provide:

  • FLEXIBLE CAPACITY: Harness an in-house CDN solution combined with a robust peer-accelerated delivery network that ensures unlimited capacity when it is needed most
  • CUSTOMIZED DELIVERY: Bring the caching to the edge network, and even up to the last mile for a lean yet powerful solution that adapts naturally to your delivery needs
  • MORE PREDICTABLE COST STRUCTURES: Reduce delivery OPEX by cutting long-distance network load and benefiting from fixed-fee delivery models.
  • BETTER VIDEO QUALITY: Build an entirely flexible architecture that promotes higher quality, reduced startup times, higher bitrates and less rebuffering

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