Streamroot 2018 Annual Offsite

The month of September is always eventful at Streamroot. We spent the final days of summer sun preparing for our biggest European trade show of the year, IBC. This year we were out in full force, with of 15 of our best Streamrooters representing us in Amsterdam. And our efforts paid off; IBC 2018 was an incredibly successful show, with hundreds of meetings at our booth, and a great interest not only in our now well-known Streamroot DNA™ product, but also in our brand new client-side midstream CDN switcher, Compass.

It has become a tradition for us to take some time all together after IBC to reflect on what we have achieved in the last 12 months and what lies ahead of us in the pursuit of our company’s vision. And it has become a tradition to do it in a beautiful and relaxing setting in the countryside at our annual Streamroot offsite.

Each year, we try to do something – and somewhere – new for our offsite. In 2015, we did the first edition in my parents’ house, about 50 km outside of Paris on a budget of €100; we then did an awesome offsite and our first Streamroot hackathon in Villers in Normandy in 2016. Last year, to celebrate our 3M$ fundraising, we went to Lagos in Portugal. This year, we chose to return to our French roots, and spent 3 days in a countryside estate in Indre, France (If you don’t know where it is, that’s normal), where we were able to host all of our 32 Streamrooters!

Company culture and value update

A company retreat is a great opportunity to discuss and refine our company culture. This year, we some time to rethink and expand our long term vision. Today Streamroot has become much more than the industry reference for peer-accelerated video delivery. Our client-side technologies are building the bridge the server-centric content delivery of the past, and the future of an infrastructure that takes into account a multitude of devices in every condition. Whether it be in distributed OTT delivery, streaming within the enterprise network or midstream CDN switching, we are the missing piece of the content delivery puzzle.

We also reflected on the company values that we set out on paper last year. With new recruits joining us every quarter, it is important to adapt our values as the company grows and evolves. This led us to replace one of our core values and to extend the exercise to each team, which was able to create its own guiding principles to work by.

Team Building

Also a longstanding tradition at Streamroot, it’s always important for us to have fun together. The farm we stayed in was perfect for that: “Olympic” games, tennis, badminton, ping-pong, foosball, soccer, petanque, molki, mountain bikes… And for the less athletically inclined, we had some “quieter” activities: cheese & wine tasting, karaoke or a scenic walk in the forest with cows. We also did a self-discovery workshop based on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, which allowed us to better understand how we – and our teammates – work and what we can do to work better together. And we were able to put that directly into action with an epic paintball tournament that clearly confirmed drastic improvements in teamwork 😉

More than anything, these three days gave us the opportunity to discover why we make such an astonishingly rich team and such a great company: different cultures, different backgrounds, different life stories that we have assembled to work together towards a common goal. It’s quite incredible for us to have 16 different nationalities in a team of only 32 people and this diversity of experience is what makes us so strong, and so proud every day.

A big thanks to the entire team for making this trip such a success. As usual, our offsite was a superb moment to revitalize and prepare for an exciting year ahead of us! See you next year for new challenges and another destination.

…If you’d like to be part of next year’s offsite, work on difficult but exciting challenges and make content delivery scalable to billions of users, we’re hiring 🙂

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