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Building your video platform with HTML5, mobile and set-top box? Curious about the latest trends to optimize CDN infrastructure and bring better quality at a lower cost? You’re in luck. This November at Streaming Media West, Streamroot will be hosting a three-hour workshop on HTML5 video workflows, as well as a panel with some of the industry’s largest broadcasters and CDN providers. Meet up with us on Nov. 1 and 2 at the Hyatt Huntington Beach!

Don’t forget to register for the conference, and check out all the details about the event’s offering in the schedule. See you there!

HTML5 workflow workshopNOV. 1, 9:00-12:00
WORKSHOP: thE INS-and-outs of html5: building an effective video workflow (W1)

This workshop provides an in-depth look at how to build a state-of-the-art video workflow: from mobile and HTML5 web players to formats, ads and DRMS. We will show you an overview of the open-source media engine frameworks and proprietary players available on the market today (main features, strengths…) and how to how to choose a player adapted to one’s use case, examining how several open-source solutions compare. We then use an interactive example to build features and optimize, offering tips and best practices along the way and pointing out potential production issues to be aware of.

CDN optimisation panelNOV. 2, 10:30-11:15
PANEL SESSION (A101): cdN OPTIMIZATION: working towards broadcast economics and quality at scale

For this opening panel session, Streamroot is bringing together an A-list cast of broadcasters and CDN providers. Rodrigo Violante, CTO at Televisa, Zach Shenker, Principal Video Software Engineer at CBS InteractiveFlavio Ribeiro, Lead Engineer at the New York Times and Ryan Korte, VP Media and Content Development at Level 3 Communications will share unique insights into their delivery strategy.

We’ll go through the technical and business challenges faced by the industry: growing audiences, higher resolutions, more immersive video experiences, as well as how they are overcoming fixed revenues per subscriber models vs. varying delivery costs, and getting the best quality for money. We aim to look at optimization efforts throughout the delivery workflow, with a special emphasis on CDN, multi-CDN, peer-to-peer, multicast and in-house delivery solutions.

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