Gjirafa chooses Streamroot CDN Mesh Delivery to profitably scale OTT video delivery

PRESS RELEASE. New York, NY. April 3, 2017.

Streamroot, the leading hybrid OTT infrastructure provider, announced today that the company is helping Gjirafa reach users worldwide by providing multi-source OTT video delivery services to Gjirafa Video.

Founded in 2014, Gjirafa, Inc. provides key internet services to over 12 million Albanian speakers across the Balkans and worldwide. Through its OTT platform, Gjirafa video, the company promotes, produces and distributes Albanian-language content with original series and partnerships with regional media companies.

The company has chosen Streamroot CDN Mesh Delivery (formerly Streamroot DNA) to achieve unparalleled global reach, improved scale and higher viewing quality, while drastically reducing cost.

“As Gjirafa Video gains traction and expands its offering, scalability is key. Streamroot allows us to scale both technically and financially,” says Diogjen Elshani, COO and Co-Founder of Gjirafa. “Its highly distributed mesh network architecture is built to accommodate exponential growth, while the company’s fixed-fee delivery model allows us to expand both our video services and our user base without further investment in our delivery infrastructure.”

“We are thrilled to be working with such an innovative company that is really filling a gap in the market,” adds Streamroot CEO and Co-Founder Pierre-Louis Théron. “Through its search engine, community network and video platform, Gjirafa brings unique, quality content to millions of users throughout the world. We look forward to helping Gjirafa grow their platform profitably now and in the future.”

The company plans to expand its services with additional content from artists and media companies. Gjirafa Video currently is working on empowering local creators to promote content and maximize monetization potential.

About Gjirafa, Inc.

Gjirafa, Inc. is the company behind the fast-growing Albanian web search engine Gjirafa.com, a content and community platform, building key Internet services for Albanian speakers in the Balkans and worldwide. Being the first web platform aimed at Albanian speakers, it uses advanced natural language processing algorithms to provide access to data that otherwise cannot be searched online. One of the recently launched products is Gjirafa Video, a Video Platform that enables content owners maximize monetization from their online content. For more information please visit https://gjirafa.com.

About Streamroot

Streamroot is a leading provider of innovative OTT delivery technologies for media groups, content publishers and enterprise customers. Powering over 25 million video sessions every day, Streamroot technologies offer broadcasters a key competitive advantage through improved quality of service, greater audience reach and expanded delivery capacity. Plug-in free for viewers, Streamroot delivery solutions integrate seamlessly into broadcasters’ existing video workflows. Streamroot is supported on major web and mobile platforms, as well as Android and iOS set-top boxes, providing comprehensive user coverage.

Founded in 2013, the company was backed by major venture funds and was recently acquired by the technology leader CenturyLink, which has placed Streamroot’s product portfolio at the heart of its media delivery solutions alongside its global CDN and IP backbone.

Streamroot Press Contact

Erica Beavers
Head of Partnerships & Marketing

Gjirafa Press Contact

Co-Founder and COO

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