French and WebRTC Pride – Blue Jimp joins Atlassian

Yesterday Atlassian announced that it had acquired Blue Jimp. Atlassian, which specializes in developer and collaboration tools (JIRA, HipChat), has brought on board the Strasbourg-based company for its expertise in WebRTC and VoIP.

Blue Jimp is behind the popular open-source video conferencing tool Jitsi; its Jitsi Videobridge technology builds on WebRTC’s basic capabilities to allow for effective multiparty video conferencing.

For Atlassian, getting solid real-time communications capabilities into HipChat was a priority. Yet Videobridge is not just about group video chats. It also stands out for its lightweight, low-latency approach to video routing. Using a less processor-intensive system than traditional video mixing, JVB uses a relay approach to streaming for lower bandwidth, less delay and better user experience (more information on the difference). According to Atlassian, this should allow for hundreds of thousands of participants to stream via the same intermediary server.

HipChat will surely be able to leverage these technologies as well as the talented Blue Jimp development team to offer more scalable, cost-effective and better quality video conferencing.

This is just one of many  WebRTC-motivated acquisitions, such as Slack’s January purchase of the collaborative screensharing and voice call company ScreenHero. WebRTC has been a hot topic in 2015,  as companies begin to look to the multitude of possibilities offered real-time communications in the browser.

Streamroot has been building on WebRTC since the beginning, and leverages this standard in its peer-to-peer video delivery technology. As a strong proponent of WebRTC to develop decentralized, low-latency video streaming solutions, we’re happy to see this standard gain such ground! We’re also glad to see such an interest in innovative French tech companies!

Vive la France ! Vive WebRTC !

You can find out more on how Jitsi uses WebRTC in an interview with Tsahi Levent-Levi and more about how Streamroot uses WebRTC on our brand new website.

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