Firefox 42.0 offers full support for Media Source Extensions

Mozilla has just released Firefox 42.0, which offers full support for Media Source Extensions for HTML5 video on all websites. Firefox now rounds out the list of major browsers to fully support MSE.

Here at Streamroot, we’ve been waiting anxiously for this release. We’ve been working with the beta version of 42.0 and from initial tests things seem to be working pretty well! You can check here for known bugs in the stable version.

Why so much love for MSE?

MSE allows JavaScript to generate media streams, thereby enabling native HMTL5 playback. MSE enables broadcasters to benefit from many advantages offered by HTTP streaming in Javascript, including intelligent adaptive bitrate algorithms, flexible management of the video buffer, and use of protocols other than HTTP (WebRTC, for example) to retrieve video segments – which is what powers Streamroot peer-assisted delivery!

Above all, widespread Firefox support for MSE is great news for broadcasters everywhere. With Chrome nixing Silverlight and Google blocking Flash ads (which we wrote about in September), the transition out of Flash is well underway, and MSE support in Firefox is a welcome change for broadcasters seeking to unify their video workflows. On the end user side, MSE support in Firefox is a big step forward in the quest to bring viewers a consistent, high quality streaming experience across all browsers and avoiding the need for Flash and other formats wherever possible. Today upwards of 90% of online video viewers use MSE-enabled browsers.

Questions still remain – How will Firefox manage encrypted media extensions? Will we ever get any closer to harmonized codec support? But for now, a big thanks to Mozilla for bringing us one step closer to ubiquitous HTML5 video.

Firefox 42.0 offers full support for Media Source Extensions

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