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Flexibility and control: December features are out

Flexibility and control are the name of the game for December’s feature release.

Today Streamroot powers over 20 million video sessions every day and handles over one million concurrent viewers. We keep growing and improving thanks to your invaluable feedback, and are excited to announce our most recent enhancements to our product, introducing more adaptable configuration and ramp-up options to give you full control and make rolling out Streamroot easier than ever.

Activation Ratio

Activation Ratio gives you full control over Streamroot DNA™ deployment. For those who prefer an incremental ramp-up while rolling out the technology, this feature enables you to allocate an exact percentage of your audience to benefit from Streamroot peer-to-peer on a per-device basis. Best yet, your teams can do this directly from your Streamroot dashboard in your account section. Get to cruising speed more quickly and hassle-free, while having full control of your audiences and testing environment.


Activation Threshold

Activation Threshold allows you to push more traffic with greater efficiency. You can now set a minimum number of viewers per stream for Streamroot peer-to-peer to be activated. Particularly useful for those with large libraries and low-concurrency VOD content, broadcasters can set the activation threshold for Streamroot DNA™ according to their business goals and their use case for maximum power.

Range-request detection

Where possible, Streamroot DNA™ uses byte range requests to subdivide segments into even smaller chunks; this makes our multi-sourcing even more granular and maximizes your peer-to-peer offload. Our new exclusive to Streamroot DNA™, Range-request detection mechanism dynamically adjusts our algorithms according to your current CDN configuration, to optimize performance both in terms of offload and quality of service.

Android Dash Support

We are thrilled to announce that Streamroot now supports MPEG-DASH in Android apps. Committed to becoming compatible with 100% of broadcasters’ traffic, our Android SDK can now be used for platforms streaming in Dash. Check out our Documentation to integrate our SDK into your video app today.

Head to your dashboard and let us know what you think of these improvements. Not yet a Streamroot user? Get access to our product including our new features by requesting a trial.

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