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Dailymotion and Streamroot, a Winning Combination for Large-Scale OTT

This week we announced that Dailymotion has selected Streamroot to control their costs and promote flawless QoS for their large-scale OTT video delivery.

This announcement is a milestone for both Streamroot and for peer-accelerated technologies as the next generation of online video delivery. We could not be happier to add Dailymotion to our prestigious list of customers, and would like to take this opportunity to go into more detail about our longstanding partnership and what the future holds.

Dailymotion, a streaming heavyweight pioneering OTT excellence 

Dailymotion is one of the largest video hosting platforms in the world. It is used by hundreds of millions of viewers all over the globe every day, and delivers petabytes upon petabytes of video traffic per month.

With a relatively small team, Dailymotion has built one of the most robust streaming infrastructures out there today. Their strategy combines extensive in-house build-outs with best of breed external technologies. They have strongly supported peer-accelerated streaming as a way to take their scaling to the next level and support the growth of their global platform.

Dailymotion and Streamroot, a winning combination for large-scale OTT

With Streamroot, Dailymotion holds the key to unlocking scalable, cost-effective video delivery now and in the long run. Streamroot’s highly scalable mesh network infrastructure:

  • Offloads as much as 90% of content from content delivery networks (CDNs)
  • Boosts capacity to accommodate increasingly large, unpredictable audiences, and to scale to viewers dispersed throughout the world
  • Lowers the total cost of running a multi-million audience infrastructure
  • Increases quality through more efficient sourcing and connections

And that’s what we’ve seen! Over the past several months, we have obtained impressive results.

Our technology has been deployed on Dailymotion’s most popular live and VOD offerings around the world (check out our own Dailymotion channel to see it in action!).

Scaling up: In many countries, we have seen offload of up to 93% of the traffic on the most popular streams, which basically means 20 times less server capacity and bandwidth to deliver the same content!

dailymotion P2P streamroot

Increasing engagement: Above and beyond capacity gains, our latest releases have shown increases in average play time and engagement by up to 20% for streams on which Streamroot is activated, a crucial metric for user satisfaction and guarantee of advertising revenue!

Scaling around the world: In addition to scaling up, Streamroot is helping Dailymotion deliver in places where CDN coverage is notoriously shaky. Let’s look at South America for instance. Complex network architectures and multitudes of ISPs plague CDN efforts, and while quality is worse, the prices are higher! On average, a Gigabyte costs 300% more to deliver in South America than in Europe.

On the following VOD stream, a popular movie trailer that got several million views in just a day, most views are from South America:

Dailymotion P2P Streamroot

On this stream, we achieved not only 70% of traffic offload from traditional delivery networks, but also an improvement in user engagement of 10%.

And this is just the beginning. We are continuing to work closely with Dailymotion to increase the scope of our technology implementation to mobile and other devices. Stay tuned for a complete white paper with more detailed information about our P2P performance and QoS improvements!

A longstanding partner in innovation

While these results mark a new chapter in our work, Dailymotion has long been more than a customer to us. More than any other platform, Dailymotion has truly been a partner in innovation. A partner that shares our values of open technology, and a partner that strives to better its industry with forward-thinking leadership.

Our work with Guillaume du Pontavice (alias Mangui), the creator of hls.js and also flashls, started even before he joined Dailymotion and begun the hls.js project. Since then, we have done amazing work together and wholeheartedly thank Guillaume, Yvan Michel, Pierre-Yves Kerembellec and Pierre-Yves Maunier for the pleasure of working with Dailymotion over the years.

Joint thought leadership, developer and industry events

And that’s not all!

We are continuing to work on projects together to drive our industry forward.

We are of course still working to help promote hls.js as the reference hls player in HTML5 with our own customer deployments, in contributing actively to the project (several of our team members in the top 10 biggest hls.js contributors!), and in the various talks we hold as HTML5 experts at industry conferences.

In May of this year, Streamroot gave a presentation on the state of the art of adaptive bitrate algorithms in HTML5 players and the research that has been done into optimizing ABR logic.

This initiative inspired Dailymotion to take another look at the ABR logic used in hls.js. After only a few weeks of AB testing on their platform, the company was able to reduce rebuffering by 6% worldwide on their live video and over 1% on VOD thanks to small optimizations and iterations on their ABR logic. Next week, we will be presenting the results of these experiments at the Streaming Media West conference in Los Angeles.

We also look forward to working with them on Paris Video Tech, an initiative that we launched to bring together the video developer community in the French capital (Dailymotion hosted first edition in June). Our meetups are available on our Dailymotion channel – powered by Streamroot peer-to-peer, of course! We are excited to work with them as we further expand the meetup.

And so begins a new chapter in our history! We look forward to working more and more closely with Dailymotion on both their delivery and other innovative projects. Thanks again to the Dailymotion teams, we couldn’t be happier to have you on board.

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