Big Buck Bunny: the Dark Truths Behind a Video Dev Cartoon

tl;dr: We made a parody. You can watch the video below.

After its world premiere at Demuxed 2018, we are pleased to present our exclusive investigative report: Big Buck Bunny: The Dark Truths Behind a Video Dev Cartoon.

Ten years after the Blender Institute released its open-source blockbuster, Big Buck Bunny, we are now only beginning to understand the effects of this cartoon on the video developer community.

According to portions of a certain “State of the Internet” report which were not released publicly, over 200,000 engineers worldwide have collectively watched the first 30 seconds of Big Buck Bunny over 20 billion times for a total yearly bandwidth consumption that rivals that of Netflix and Youtube combined.

But how has repeated exposure affected video engineers on a psychological level? We traveled to video technology companies around the world to understand what it’s really like to watch the same test stream over and over and over… and over again. These are their stories.


The following video may contain disturbing images.
Viewer discretion is advised.

Many thanks to Will Law, Eric Boyd, James Yeh, Colleen Henry and humble members of the Streamroot team for swallowing their pride and making this video happen. Demuxed might be over, but the quest to rid developers of their BBB nightmares is just beginning! As promised, there will be a BBBCM-IF support group and bash at NAB 2019, so stay tuned…

With love,
The BBBCM-IF committee members

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