BemTV joins Streamroot!

As we mentioned in our last post and throughout the last three years, Streamroot actively supports open source and has contributed to various projects. We believe that some of the most ambitious projects are the result of the work of the entire development community.

In keeping with this vision, we are proud to announce that Streamroot has recently acquired BemTV, an open-source webRTC-based peer-to-peer streaming project authored by our close friend Flavio Ribeiro.

We have followed Flavio’s work for some time and share his vision of the web – and the possibilities offered by decentralized distribution. Flavio meanwhile has put his faith in Streamroot and encourages broadcasters to use this complete and highly effective all-in-one solution. The BemTV project will naturally remain open-source alongside our own hybrid CDN / peer-accelerated streaming solution for DASH and HLS. We hope that together these solutions will provide a complete decentralized delivery offering to everyone from students and curious developers to the largest video platforms in the world.

You can find the BemTV repositories on Streamroot’s Github, Streamroot’s all-in-one streaming solution on our portal, as well as new on our other open-source projects on our dev blog!

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