April Feature Release: introducing DNA™ 2.1 – improved viewer experience and Apple TV, Tizen & LG WebOS support

The most trusted peer-to-peer delivery solution on the market, Streamroot’s Distributed Network Architecture – Streamroot DNATM – allows broadcasters to exponentially increase their video delivery capacity and scale profitably while improving QoS. Today we’re happy to reveal new features and compatibilities that further cement Streamroot’s position as the world’s most advanced peer-enhanced delivery technology.

New and improved Device Adaptive Configuration for better performance on a larger range of devices

Streamroot has long taken a quality-first approach, leveraging our unique position on the client side to customize delivery to each viewer. We deliver to hundreds of millions of devices and have garnered data on the behavior of countless platforms. We have transformed this information into intelligent delivery that adapts to each device.

Thanks to Device-Adaptive Configuration, Streamroot DNATM dynamically optimizes local delivery configuration according to statistics provided by the device. Using indicators such as CPU, RAM, rebuffering, battery life and overall resources, device-adaptive configuration adapts the user’s local parameters in real time to guarantee smooth performance and the highest QoS.

This granularity over your entire viewer base translates to more intelligent delivery and improved video quality across the board – from the most powerful smart TVs to older devices and low-end models.

Today we are thrilled to announce that this unique device-adaptive delivery is fully optimized for the many platforms we have integrated in the past several months: mobile, set-top box, and smart-TV.

Supporting the widest range of players, platforms and devices

Streamroot’s patented solution supports the most extensive range of devices, platforms and players on the market. Today we’re happy to announce two new compatibilities that further our commitment to power 100% of broadcasters’ traffic:  Apple TV, Tizen and LG webOS.

Apple TV is the fourth most popular streaming media platform in the US. Streamroot DNATM is the first and only peer-accelerated delivery solution to be fully integrated into tvOS, the iOS-based Apple TV operating system.

The Tizen operating system meanwhile powers all Smart TVs by Samsung, which leads the TV market with 34% of total global revenue.

Lastly, LG webOS is the operating system implemented on all smart TVs by LG, the second largest player in the market.

These new integrations join our mobile and set-top box SDKs that enable optimized delivery across iOS and Android-based platforms, including Fire TV.

More details on our new compatibilities can be found here.

As usual, we’d love to have your feedback to take into consideration for future releases; drop us a line and let us know your thoughts. Haven’t boosted your delivery with Streamroot yet? Request a Trial today for access to our product and new features.

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